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Adumcar is an application that helps you sell and buy your vehicle with ease without fatigue.
While sitting at home... at work, everything it just requires internet connection!s


About App

Adumcar app helps you eeasily sell your car online and receive offers from buyers.


Why AdumCar?


All Speacifications

All specifications of the car must be specifies in order to make it easier for the buyer to reach the right car for his needs

Installment System

The possibility of installments determining the advance payment, and determining the remaining payments and the date of each payment

Free Unlimted Ads

possibillity to post an unlimited number of ads

Fast Access to Users

The application makes it easy to deliver new ads to all users at once

How it works?

Click Add Car

Choose your vehicle type, class, model and address

Fill All Fields

Fill in all the required information about the car or vehivle you sell

Click Publish

Click publish the vehicle and then share the advertisement with your friends on social media

Ready To Buy Or sell
Your car

If you want to renew your car, whether you want to sell the old car or buy a new one.
download Adum car app now


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Lets Talk

If you have a problem using the application or you have a suggestion to improve it, do not hesitate to talk to us, our team works throughout the day